November 10 2019 transit of venus astrology

Its influence will be very strong when it is positioned in Pisces, but the effects will diminish when positioned in Virgo.

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Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are the friendly planets for this beauty, when she is pretty unhappy when paired up with Sun, Moon and Rahu. Saturn Transit — Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. This is a key planet for managers, politicians and judges as the planet is responsible for imparting an unbiased attitude to them. The planet has an influence on your maturity level and decision-making abilities.

The fact is Saturn is the planet which pertains to justice and will reward you for your good deeds and will penalize you for the bad ones.

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Rahu Transit — Rahu is depicted as a serpent riding a chariot driven by seven dark horses in Vedic art and literature. As it is obvious the effects and impact of Rahu are mainly malicious.

Rahu amasses all its strength when it is in Gemini and least influential when positioned in Sagittarius. Sun Transit — The Sun spends almost a month in each sign before it transits to the next and it takes around one year to travel through the complete zodiac circle.

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When the Sun moves into the house where natal Moon is positioned, the native will face health issues related to heart, blood pressure, and headache. The native may also experience financial instability during this time.

Your temper could get the better of you, especially at your workplace. Moon Transit — According to Astrology, the Moon controls a persons emotion, and the different phases of the Moon can result in changes in the emotions. This could be a major reason why Lunar eclipses tend to be a more emotional time period, as some believe that they signify final endings. Since this event happens in a special zone of Scorpio afforded to Mercury by the Egyptians—known as terms or bounds—this gives all things Mercurial communications, local travel, commerce a temporary boost of power or protection.

We have the chance to zoom into the very heart of something and witness it in a way seldom possible. In ancient times, the metaphor was a visit to the throne room of the King or Queen.

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Gary P. Caton is a transdisciplinary astrologer who maintains an active sacred relationship with the living Sky as his temple. Find Gary online at DreamAstrologer. With this definition in mind, these five transits are slated to be the most magical of Pluto is connected with power and transformation and in extreme cases death of the old so that the new can arise. The cocoon has be destroyed so that the butterfly can …. With Venus at the deepest point of debilitation today at 28 degrees Virgo, it is also a dark ….

These 9 days and nights begin from the first day of the journey of new moon towards its fullness. Each day the ….

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Mercury is comfortable in Libra and the transit is mostly unafflicted except by a trine from Rahu which is influential Oct. Venus will join Mercury in Libra …. Wealth is more than physical money as we have discussed in previous articles on the eight aspects of Lakshmi which include courage, success, the ability ….